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Eye Shape: Makeup Makeover

Eye Shape: Makeup Makeover
If you’re applying eye makeup based solely on eye color, think again. If your eyes are the same shade of brown as your friend's eyes but look completely different, why should you be using the same makeup as her? Attention to eye shape is long overdue. Find your eye shape below and enjoy a much-needed makeover for your eye makeup routine from Brilliance New York.

Deep Set

Know your eye shape: Deep-set eyes are generally large and set deep in the skull, making the brow bone look more prominent.
Makeup makeover: Brighten the natural shadowing cast over your lids by using light, warm colors, like a metallic peach. If your eyelashes brush against your brow bone, waterproof mascara can help prevent smudging.


Know the shape: Protruding eyes are characterized by large looking eyelids that project outward from the skull.
Makeup makeover: Reduce the overpowering effect of your eyelids by creating a smokey eye effect or blending dark colors into your look, as dark colors help minimize space and size. Use that canvas to play with thick eyeliner along the upper lash line and further diminish space. You have the benefit of being able to use liquid eyeliner without it smudging against your brow bone when you open your eyes. The application may be easier if you tilt your head back while looking in the mirror.


Know the shape: Hooded eyes can be identified by a flap of skin that droops over the crease, making eyelids appear narrow.
Makeup makeover: Diffuse dark color on the eyelid over and out past the crease. Tightline under the upper lash line to intensify your lash base, which could otherwise disappear under the fold of skin. (Tightlining is like water lining, but you apply eyeliner in between your lashes to make them look thicker.)


Know the shape: Eyes classified as monolid feature a flat lid that comes straight down from the brow bone, making the brow bone less prominent.
Makeup makeover: Use a gradient of eyeshadow colors to create a definition. Start with the darkest color at the base of your lid, use a softer tone at the crease, and apply the lightest, shiniest shade over the brow bone.


Know the shape: Almond eyes tend to be pointed at the outer corners and rounded in the middle, like an almond.
Makeup makeover: Almond eyes are the perfect candidate for winged liner. Follow the contour of your eyes from end to end and go thick, dark, and dramatic in proportion to the size of your eyes. If your eyes turn upward at the outer corner, dark shadow or liner under the outer corner can bring down that effect. If your eyes turn downward at the outer corner, try creating cat eyes by extending eyeliner upward from the outer corner at a 45-degree angle.

Close Together

Know the shape: Eyes can be described as being close together if they are less than one eye’s width apart.
Makeup makeover: Use light eye shadow around the inner corners of your eyes to create the illusion of more space and really open up your eyes. Extra mascara or fake lashes around the outer corners of your eyes can help pull focus outward and create the illusion of greater eye-to-eye length.

Far Apart

Know the shape: Eyes can be described as being far apart if they are more than one eye’s width apart.
Makeup makeover: Don’t extend your eyeliner past the outer corner of your eye, as the extra length isn’t needed. Feel confident when playing with color, which tends to work especially well with this shape. Have you ever tried a blue eyeliner?


Makeup makeover: Use thin eyeliner so it doesn’t overpower your eyes. Create a more rounded shape by tracing the top rim and the outer half of the lower rim.


Makeup makeover: Use eyeliner (or thicker eyeliner) only along the outer half of your upper and lower rims to make your eyes look longer.

Your Results

For best results, use Brilliance New York Satin Glide Eye Pencils, Silk Finish Eye Shadow, and Lush Black Mascara - and leave a comment to let us know how your eye makeup makeover goes!

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