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Updating Your Fall Skincare Routine

Updating Your Fall Skincare Routine
With every season, the weather changes along with the unique needs that your body has. As the air changes from the hot, humid conditions that cause your body to produce more oil -- to cooler weather that is more likely to dry out your skin, you need to adjust your skincare routine to meet your new needs. Try these tips from Brilliance New York for updating your fall skincare routine.

Thicken up Your Moisturizer

You’ve spent all summer long with your lightweight and oil-free moisturizers, which work wonders when your skin is producing excess oil during the hot and humid summer months, now it’s time to ditch it! As the weather cools down and the humidity phases out, so will the amount of oil that your skin produces. With less oil being produced, your skin will inevitably dry out and flake. The solution is to start using a thinker moisturizer that can help lock-in moisture when you need it the most!

Fall is Perfect For Exfoliating

While your skin may stop producing as much oil as it has been during hotter, summer months, the turnover rate of your skin cells doesn’t slow down as the air cools. With as dry as your skin gets, you may find that you have more skin cells build-up as they die. This means that you should be exfoliating once a week in order to help keep your pores clear and free of any excess dirt and skin cells!
Exfoliating during the fall is a great way to soften and brighten your skin while minimizing acne that can be caused by clogged pores.

Keep up the Sunscreen

Everyone is on top of their sunscreen regimen during summer, but they forget that they need sunscreen all year round! While the sun may feel like it is not as strong because UVB rays which are responsible for sunburns are much lower, UVB rays are still as strong - all year round. UVB rays are responsible for causing sun damage, skin cancer, and wrinkles.
Using sunscreen and beauty products that have an SPF of at least 30 on your face will help protect your skin from excess damage.

Switch up Your Cleansing Routine

Much in the same way that you switch up your moisturizers in the fall, you should also switch up which cleaners you use. Remember that cooler weather can cause your skin to dry up easier, so you want to stay away from products that will excessively strip your skin of valuable oils. Instead, you should use a think cleaner that you can wipe off with a warm cloth when you are finished with your fall skincare routine.

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