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Hacks to Blend Hair Extensions

Hacks to Blend Hair Extensions
Hair extensions are a fun and practical way to play around with different hair styles and lengths! But making sure that your extensions blend in with the rest of your hair can be tricky! Luckily, Brilliance New York has found the best hacks to blend hair extensions for short and long hair!

Shopping for the Right Hair Extensions for You

The first thing that you want to do to make sure that your hair extensions blend easily into the rest of your hair is to make sure that you buy the right kind of hair extensions. That means finding hair extensions that are right for your lifestyle.
If you work out, swim, or dance often and you need a short term solution for longer, thicker hair then clip-in hair extensions should be your go to.
For shorter hair, blending in the extensions can be tricky because your roots will want to poke out of the clips. This can make it pretty obvious that you have hair extensions in. To make sure that you buy hair extensions that are the right length (and sometimes weight). Longer, heavier extensions will be easier to blend in with your short hair.

Layer Your Extensions

When you have single-length hair extensions, it can be really easy to spot where your natural hair ends and where the faux hair begins. This is especially true when you have very short hair.
One of the ways that you can help your blend hair extensions is by creating layers of wefts. You can create layers with multiple wefts of extensions or by having your hair extensions trimmed into layers.

Cover Your Roots

If you have very short hair or a unique cut— lobs, blunt cuts, and undercuts, blending hair extensions can be a challenge. What really stands out about your extensions are the little ends of your hair that peak out past the hair clips.
You can create an illusion that hides the short ends of your hair simply by pinning the bottom of your hair extensions to the short ends of your hair from ear to ear. This will create an interesting hairstyle that hides the base of the extensions.

Mix Colors

A great way to blend hair extensions is by tricking the eye by mixing two different hair colors that compliment each other. This hack will add a dimension of style to your hair that will draw the eye away from the base of your hair extensions.
Simply connect the two different wefts of hair before you clip them on to your head and voila!

Waves and Curls

Finally, much in the same way that adding layers to your hair blends them in, curling your hair is a stylish way to make your hair extensions less noticeable. Simple take your favorite BNY hair tools, like this flat iron, and give yourself tight curls or beach waves!

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