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Haircare Mistakes to Avoid

Haircare Mistakes to Avoid
At Brilliance New York, we know all about having healthy and beautiful hair. The secret to having naturally shiny hair that is strong enough to avoid breakage is simple! You just have to be aware of these common haircare mistakes that can set you back on your journey to having long, beautiful hair. Here are a few haircare mistakes to avoid:

Applying Shampoo Directly on Your Scalp!

There are some things in life that just seem so obvious and natural to us that we don’t really have to think about them. We go into autopilot mode and just do them. Things like brushing our teeth and applying shampoo. But we never stop to think that we might be doing them wrong. Throwing a thick glob of shampoo directly on your head and then rubbing it in can actually weaken your hair follicles.
Instead, you should dilute shampoo with water before putting it on your head. Not only will this save your scalp from too many chemicals, but it will also help stretch the life of your shampoo.

Applying Conditioner to Your Roots

Conditioner should be used on the ends of your hair, not the roots. Applying conditioner to your scalp can leave you with excessively greasy and oily hair. Instead, apply conditioner to the ends of your hair and let it sit for a few minutes while you focus on something else and then rinse it off. Don’t leave the conditioner on too long though, about 4 or 5 minutes should do the trick.
This applies to hair masks as well!

Combing Wet Hair

This is one of the most common haircare mistakes that people do. It might seem easier to get your hair to obey when it is wet and heavy from all of the water, but this is when your hair is at its most delicate state! Your hair is delicate and it can break easier when it is wet, so you should dry your hair first before combing or brushing.
Additionally, you should start combing your hair from the ends first to prevent any breakage.

Skipping Heat Protection

Heat protectants are important to use on your hair before you curl your hair or use a flat iron! Just like your skin, your hair can’t handle intense heat for extended periods of time and this can cause your hair to damage easily. Nobody want’s dead, flat, hair. Invest in some quality hair protectants to prevent your hair from heat damage.

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