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How to Fix Oily Hair

How to Fix Oily Hair
Is there anything that feels worse than having excessively oily hair? Maybe! All we know is that having overly-greasy hair drives us nuts and depending on your body, some people may produce more Sebum (the natural oil that your body’s sebaceous glands produce) than others. Oily hair can cause a lot of issues from greasy bands to causing acne on our scalp! There has to be something that you can do about this though, right? You bet. Don’t let oily hair get in the way of serving your brilliant looks. Try these tips from Brilliance New York to fix oily hair today!

1. Wash Regularly

The first thing that you should be focusing on when you are trying to curb oily hair is how often you are washing. Your sebaceous glands produce oil on your skin naturally throughout the day and if you go too long without washing your hair, your the oil build up on your hair will be more and more obvious. So shampoo and shampoo regularly to wash away the excess oil on your skin and on your hair!

2. Wash Less Often

If you wash often but you still seem to have oily hair, your issue might be something of a catch 22. That’s to say that because you wash your hair often, your sebaceous glands will produce more oil as a response to you stripping your hair of oils. Yes, washing your hair too frequently can through off the balance and cause you to produce more oil. Overwashing leads to more oil production so you may need to skip washing your hair every other time that you shower.

3. Shampoo Properly

Once you have the right balance between not shampooing enough and shampooing too much, then it’s time to make sure that you have the right shampooing technique. While washing your hair seems simple enough, there are still some things that you need to focus on! For starters, make sure that you are washing your hair at the scalp and roots. It’s important that you wash your scalp gently to prevent damaging your roots and scalp with your fingernails. Try the Essential Hydration Shampoo to help wash and nourish your hair!

4. Use Products That Are Formulated for Oily Hair

If your go-to shampoo and hair products aren’t doing your oily hair justice, you should consider using products that are specifically formulated to help oily hair. Products like our Diamond Drops Hair Serum with Argan oil and Diamonds are perfect for oily hair! Argan oil can help dissolve the oil build-up, clean clogged hair follicles, as well as help to regulate sebum production bringing balance back to your hair. Argan oil is an incredible ingredient that is so versatile, we couldn’t leave it out!

5. Stop Playing With Your Hair

Finally, once you’ve balanced out your washing routine and brought your sebum production back to normal, you have to stop playing with your hair. We know, you may need to fix your bands or out of boredom you need to play with something, but every time you touch your hair, you are transferring the dirt and oil from your hands directly on to your hair!

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