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Blowdrying Tips: How to Get the Perfect Blowout

Blowdrying Tips: How to Get the Perfect Blowout
Have you ever tried to get the perfect blowout, but all the guesswork that was involved was just a bit much? Well, you’re not alone! For many of us, getting a blowout that’s just right can be a challenge that can leave your hair looking a little dull and lackluster! Luckily, Brilliance New York has the perfect solution for you when it comes to blowing out your hair. All you need is a quality blow dryer, cleansing (and nourishing) shampoo, and conditioner, and the secret ingredient for brilliant— Diamond Drops with Argan Oil.
Who knew that getting the perfect blowout was all in the preparation? Here are four easy steps to get the most gorgeous of hairstyles with any hair tool!

Step 1: Start With Clean Hair!

Before you’ve even reached for your blow dryer, you want to make sure that you’ve scrubbed away any hair product, build up, or dead skin cells. Hop in the shower and give yourself a good hair cleansing. We recommend using the Essential Hydration Shampoo with Argan Oil. This will help you get your hair clean while nourishing your hair for a more lively shine.
Smooth, shiny hair makes for easier blowdrying!

Step 2: Argan Oil Conditioner for Brilliantly Healthy Hair

Once your hair is washed and rinsed, you want to make sure that you have soft, silky hair! Apply conditioner to your hair and work out any tangles that you may have. Washing and conditioning your hair will make the blow out process easier, especially if you have naturally curly hair.

Step 3: Apply the Diamond Drops

The final step in the “preparation” stage of getting the perfect blow out involves adding that final touch of shine that gives your hair an aura of brilliance. Once you’re done washing and conditioning your hair, avoid towel drying it!
Take the Diamond Drops with Argan Oil and apply a few drops to your hand.
Run the Diamond Drops through your hair and with a comb evenly distribute it to the ends of your hair. This will give your hair a light glossy look that will remain after your hair has been blow-dried.
Remember, it’s that dull, lackluster look that we’re trying to avoid after all.

Step 4: Give Yourself the Perfect Blowout

Finally, you can get to the blow-drying part of the perfect blow out! Take your handy hairbrush and your blow dryer and work your hair simultaneously starting at the roots of your hair. Work the blow dryer in quick, short motions side to side as your dry your hair and remember to keep tension with the brush!
Now you’re well on your way to having brilliant hair, every time!

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