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Say Goodbye to Bad Hair Days: 5 Quick Fixes

Say Goodbye to Bad Hair Days: 5 Quick Fixes
Between humid days spent at the beach, a whirlwind of travel excursions while the kids aren’t in school, and hot nights spent tossing and turning, there’s no question that Summer is bringing its share of bad hair days. The real question is how you’re handling them. Use any combination of these five quick remedies from Brilliance New York to turn hair flab into fab.

1. Use hair serum.

Slick some BNY Diamond Drops into your locks to quickly rejuvenate your hair with moisture, silkiness, and a soft shine. It doesn’t get easier than this. Be sure to start by working it into the ends and focusing on troubled areas before using the trace bits left on your hands closer to the roots.

2. Style your hair strategically.

If you’re battling frizz and kinkiness, counteract by pulling your hair into a sleek pony, or go with the flow by creating a bohemian or beachy style with texture, waves, and braids, or perhaps a messy bun. An overly oily hair day, on the other hand, can be less noticeable when worn in braids, or you can work with it by opting for a wet look hairstyle. If your bad hair day is characterized by flatness, try changing your part or teasing your roots to add instant volume.

3. Accessorize.

From hats and headbands that hide troubled spots to sunglasses that draw attention away from your hair, accessories come in handy on a bad hair day. But make sure you’re dressing for the day and not just your hair. Does that hat make sense for where you’re headed? Are you going to have to take it off?

4. Express blow dry.

Styling with heat, especially when using a Brilliance New York hair tool with negative ions and Far Infra red technology to seal hair cuticles, can help you reverse the worst of hair tragedies. But let’s face it: You don’t always have time to reach for your flat iron or curling iron. If you’re in a hurry, spritz some Heat Protector, turn your head upside down, and give a quick blast of heat to those unruly locks with your hair dryer. It’ll add volume while correcting misshapenness, and if it’s a BNY ProDryer you’ll be left with smooth, silky hair.

5. Nail your makeup and daily skincare treatment.

If you’re feeling anything short of happy with your hair, boost your confidence for the day by leaving the house with flawless makeup and moist, supple skin. Today’s not the day to skip out on your Diamond Facial Serum and Face Cream (though what day is?). When applying makeup, be sure to balance your look with the other bad hair day fixes you’ve used. If you accessorized with a sweet, innocent-looking headband, add edgy style with darker eye makeup. If you pulled your hair back into a tight, sleek look, go a little softer with your makeup.
What’s the worst hair day you’ve ever had? What did you do about it? Have any other tricks you’d like to share? Leave a comment or tag us @BrillianceNY in a comment to let us know what your favorite remedies for bad hair days are.

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