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The Seven Sins of Beauty

The Seven Sins of Beauty
Beauty is a beautiful thing, so don’t let it get ugly. Steer away from these seven “sins” of beauty with these tips from Brilliance New York.


You should absolutely love the way you look. But don’t be so proud that you stop growing. Why not try a new hairstyle tomorrow, or try switching up your lipstick with some gloss?


Thanks to Social Media, you’re confronted with endless images of impossible hairstyles and flawless skin. It might make you wish you looked different. But using makeup to try to look like someone you’re not will ruin your own selfies. Enhance your own beauty and focus on what looks best on you. You can, of course, let other looks inspire you to expand your horizons and try new things, but envy is not the answer.


Beauty is more than skin deep, and that applies to your beauty products too! Know what your beauty products do. It shouldn’t be about finding the best price, the best smell, the prettiest container, or anything superficial. You need to make sure you’re getting quality products that work.


If you’ve found styles and products that work for you and look good on you, sometimes less is more. You’ve had the friend with drawers and cabinets full of products who embarks on a treasure hunt every time she needs to find the one that actually gets the job done. Be thankful for the limited number of high-quality BNY products on your counter.


Less is more. It’s better to seek balance than to go overboard with everything; you don’t need to do it all every time. If you’ve emphasized your lips today with some bold red lipstick, why not let them take center stage for the day? You can be an eyeliner queen tomorrow.


Beauty is in many ways synonymous with health, and being lazy about your beauty means you’re flat out not taking care of yourself. Take the time to use beauty products that nourish your skin and hair. Make sure to wash off your face makeup before you sleep. It might be hard to get into those good habits, but they actually feel really good and let you reap serious beauty benefits.


If you can’t get that perfect hairstyle, you may be tempted to iron, blow-dry, and lay on the heat nonstop until it looks as close as possible to what you had imagined. Anger leads to hair damage, which makes it harder to style, leading to more anger and more hair damage. Hair acts out when it wants attention. Treat it with love by using Brilliance New York Recovery Masque and see how much better it starts to treat you.
Have you ever committed any of the seven sins of beauty? How did you move past them? Or did you? Comment and let us know.

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