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Tips and Tricks for Perfect Waves Every Time

Tips and Tricks for Perfect Waves Every Time
Have you ever wanted to have the perfect waves but your straight hair just wouldn’t work with you? We feel that! Getting perfect beach wave curls requires your hair to have a certain texture that isn’t always the easiest to get. On the one hand, you need your hair to have some volume, but it also needs to be tousled and wavy. Well, don’t worry anymore! Brilliance New York is here to share our tips and tricks for the perfect waves every time!
All you need is a few hair tools: a curling wand and blow dryer, a sea salt spray, and an essential hydration shampoo.

Wash Your Hair, But...

Once you have all of the necessary tools and hair care products, you can start off by giving your hair a good wash. Use the Essential Hydration Shampoo to thoroughly wash your hair. Lather, rinse, repeat.
Now, while you would normally also condition your hair, you want to avoid conditioning your hair after you wash it for these kinds of waves. The key to having perfect waves is to not have heavy hair, and conditioners can weigh your locks down. If you really want to condition your hair, apply conditioner to your hair and then wash it with shampoo. Going in reverse order is really important here!

Use That Sea Salt Spray

Sea salt spray is a really interesting hair product! While it is largely marketed as a men’s product, it’s a universal hair care product that should be in everyone’s hair care arsenal! Sea salt spray is a self-explanatory product (water, salt, and sometimes a few other ingredients) that help remove moisture from your hair and giving it the right amount of texture that you need in order to get perfectly tousled waves every single time!

Let Your Hair Dry or Loosen It up With a Blow Out

Having loose hair is important for getting the perfect waves. If you want to go with a more natural look, then you can let your hair dry out naturally. If you want to add some volume then take your ProDryer 3600 Professional Hair Dryer and blow out your hair. Make sure that you get your hair dry but that you don’t straighten it out while you blow-dry it.

Use a Curling Wand

Once you have prepped and dried your hair, it’s time to pull out your handy curling wand. We prefer the 1.25” Clipless Curling Iron for a larger, loose wavy look. Take sections of your hair and loosely wrap them around the barrel of the curling iron and hold it for no more than 5 seconds. You want to make sure that the curls are not tight.
Run your fingers through your hair and fluff it up a bit and there you go! Perfect waves every time!

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