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22 Vintage Wedding Hairstyles for Your Classy Fairytale Wedding

22 Vintage Wedding Hairstyles for Your Classy Fairytale Wedding
Long-gone are the days of rigid and stiff updos – vintage wedding hairstyles are in.
These styles from Brilliance New York are perfect for your special day: they create a timeless vibe that won't seem dated when you flip through your photo album decades down the road.
Vintage hairstyles also give you the perfect opportunity to dive head first into a specific theme. Old Hollywood, midcentury, rockabilly, 60s mod: the possibilities are endless.
You can also pair a vintage hairstyle from one era with makeup trends from another to create a unique mix of class.

Vintage Wedding Hairstyles for Every Length

Whether your hair is long or short, natural or pin straight, you have plenty of options for both up-dos and flowing locks.
These vintage hairstyles also give you a big opportunity to incorporate accessories without looking tacky: pearls, subtle jewels, feathers, you name it.
Make sure to take your dress into consideration before choosing a hairstyle.
If you haven't selected your dress yet, you've got a little more room to explore. If not, bring some photos to your stylist to find out which wedding hairstyles work best with the shape and neckline of your dress.
To help you out, we've included a video tutorial for nearly every style so you can test them out on your own.

Vintage Wedding Hairstyles for Your Classy Fairytale Wedding

1. Side-swept Waves

What's more classy and glamorous than side-swept waves? This style pairs well with an off-white dress for creating a warm rustic feel. Give your bangs some volume to create a 1950s vibe.
Here's how to get the pins right.

2. Old Hollywood Bouffant

If you've got bangs, this old Hollywood inspired bouffant is perfect. Add some bold makeup and jewelry to contrast with this simple style.
Here's how to perfect the French twist bouffant combo on your own.

3. Victory Rolls

This picture proves that victory rolls are much more versatile than most people think. Sure, you can go all-out with the rockabilly look, but you can also keep things a little subtler, too.
Not to mention, victory rolls also work great for hair of different lengths and textures. For short hair, try victory rolls with an updo. Long hair can go half-up half-down with victory rolls on top and long flowing locks underneath.
Forget those 90s style veils: birdcages are making a huge comeback.
This is a great option for incorporating a slight vintage vibe into your look without completely diving in. Plus, it works great with different eras: 1930s, 1950s, 1960s. You could even add a little embellishment with some pearls or rhinestones.
If you're feeling crafty, here's a tutorial for making one yourself.

5. Floral Focal Point

Large flowers add a little extra elegance and femininity. Plus, they fit in perfectly with the side-swept style.
Select a color to match your dress or go bold with a pop of contrasting color. You could even match with your flowers or bridesmaid dresses – you have lots of options here.

6. Silky Curl Bobs

Is there anything more romantic and playful than a curled bob?
These silky curls add a little extra elegance to this 60s inspired angled bob. Pair this style with a long-sleeve lace dress and some small white flowers woven in for a fairytale inspired look.
Here's how to get the silky-smooth curls while keeping frizz at bay.

7. Pearls

Who said pearls had to be big and tacky?
Small pearls work well with just about any of the vintage wedding hairstyles on this list. Pair them with a lacy white or cream-colored gown for a timeless romantic look straight out of a fairytale.

8. Half Pinned Back

Talk about retro!
This half-up half-down bouffant is a perfect medium between relaxed flowing locks and a tight updo. It also works well with varying hair lengths.
Pair this style with bold lashes, smokey eyes, and nude lips to fully embrace the 60s mod look.
In this video, John Frieda explains how to perfect the look on your own.

9. Flower Crowns

Forget the Snapchat filters. On your wedding day, go for the real-life flower crown with these vintage wedding hairstyles.
You have plenty of options with this one. Go for bold and bright flowers or keep it subtle like the photo above. These flower crowns are perfect for spring weddings when flowers are in full bloom,
Here's how to make one yourself:

10. Feathers

Fans of the Great Gatsby will go gaga for this flapper inspired look.
The peacock feathers in the photo above make a bold statement, but you can opt for white or cream-colored feathers as well.
Pair these feathers with a low bun, finger waves, or side-swept do.

11. Side-swept Dramatic Pony

Side-swept ponies are just another one of the many vintage wedding hairstyles straight out of the 1960s mod look. These styles work great with accessories like bold flowers or gems.

12. Long and Loose

Who needs an updo?
Wide, long, and loose curls are laid-back and low maintenance so you can enjoy your big day with a classy and elegant vibe. You can even add some hair jewelry for a vintage boho look.
Not to mention, it's super easy to pull this one off on your own.

13. Crown Braid

Crown braids are elegant, vintage, and work great with all hair types.
Braid a small portion of hair around your face and let the rest flow or wrap it all up in one or two large braids. This is another great opportunity to add some accessories or extensions in different colors.
Here's a simple tutorial for ladies with natural hair:

14. Headpieces

Forehead bands are usually associated with the boho style – which works great for vintage hairstyles – but they also add extra elegance to flapper styles like finger waves.
Check out different colored rhinestones or pearls to match your other wedding accessories.

15. Bumper Bangs

Nothing screams vintage quite like bumper bangs.
When most people think of bumper bangs, they might imagine rockabilly pinup, but you can incorporate this hairstyle in plenty of ways to create a look that's equal parts vintage and classy.
Pair this style with cat eyes and red lips to embrace the pinup look or stick with a more subtle makeup like in the photo above.

16. Low Bun

Low buns paired with finger waves are another great vintage style straight out of the flapper era.
Add some bright red lipstick and feather accessories for an old Hollywood themed wedding.

17. Mod Beehive

Beehives don't need to look dated and tacky: puff up the back and add a braid in the front.
You could also skip the braid and let a few pieces in the front wisp around your face for a less "tight" look.
Just don't forget the doe eyes with lots of mascara and nude lips.

18. Jewels

Not into the flower crowns? No problem.
You can still add some embellishment to your wedding do with jeweled headbands. Skip the necklace and go for some hair jewelry instead.

19. Finger Waves

You were waiting for this one, weren't you? Finger waves are timeless and classy. Plus, they work great with hair of all lengths and types: straight, natural, long, or short.
Go for an updo with some finger waves around your face for the flapper look or leave or down and dreamy like the photo.

20. Glam Accessories

With all these side-swept styles you need something to add a little embellishment.
Fortunately, you have lots of options for adding a little glam to your vintage wedding hairstyles. Try pins with one big jewel or floral inspired pieces like in the photo.

21. Old Hollywood Curls

You'll kind of feel like a movie star on your wedding day already with all the photography and red-carpet treatment. Why not go all-out with a hairdo straight out of old Hollywood?
These timeless curls are elegant and work well with either a long-sleeve or sleeveless gown.

22. Ballerina Bun

It doesn't get more clean and classy than a ballerina bun. Add some pearls and jewels or just leave it bare for a timeless look straight out of the 1950s.
Here's a super easy method that doesn't require a donut piece.

Embrace Your Favorite Style with Vintage Wedding Hairstyles

Are you thinking 1960s mod? Or maybe textbook fairytale is more your style?
Your wedding day gives you the opportunity to live out your style fantasy for a day.
Whatever era you love, these vintage wedding hairstyles can help you create the timeless wedding of your dreams.
The only question is, which one will you pick?

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