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Curling Iron Tips You Need To Know

Curling Iron Tips You Need To Know
In the age of digital media, you can learn just about anything through a good tutorial nowadays! The only issue is, that sometimes you can also learn a bad habit that you should be avoiding all together! Bad curling habits can leave your hair dried out, dull, and damaged. While you can recover from loose curls, heat damage can be much harder to repair. At Brilliance New York, we want to share these brilliant curling iron tips so that you always have long-lasting curls and naturally healthy hair. These tips will help you achieve your desired curls while keeping your hair protected from excessive heat and bad curling habits.

You Don’t Always Need a Huge Curling Iron

You may notice that there are a lot of curling irons on the market that are 2” and bigger. While a large barrel is useful for helping you create loose beach waves they aren’t very versatile. That is to say that they only let you get big curls. This might require you to purchase multiple curling irons to style your hair differently. You can save yourself some time and money by becoming savvier with your current curling iron. Take the 1.25” Curling Iron from Brilliance New York to create curls. If they are tighter than you like, take your hairbrush and brush out tight curls for the perfect beach waves.

Use Hair Spray Before. During, and After You Curl

A common mistake that we often see when curling hair is that people will only use hair spray when they are finished curling their hair. This makes it more likely that curls will come undone as the day goes on. Instead, feel free to use hair spray periodically throughout the process of curling your hair. This means that you are reinforcing your curls as you go and being more thorough.

Find the Right Head Setting

A lot of curling irons don’t tell you how hot they are even though they can easily reach a heat that can damage your hair. With Brilliance New York’s digital display and temperature controls, you’ll always know how hot your curling iron is. While curling irons can reach 450 degrees, you should always try to stay in the 300s range to minimize heat damage.

Count To Ten!

The final curling iron tips is about limiting the amount of time that you expose your hair to heat. The quickest way to damage your hair is by applying heat for too long. Inexperienced users often hold the hair tool to their hair for upwards of 30 seconds! That is a big DON’T! For the perfect curls, wrap your hair around the curling iron for no more than 8 to 10 seconds! Additionally, pre-treat your hair with a heat protectant spray and an Argan Oil serum to make sure that your hair has an added layer of protection from hot hair tools.

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