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DIY Pumpkin Face Mask

DIY Pumpkin Face Mask
Pumpkins and other winter squashes are incredibly popular around the globe because they not only taste amazing but they offer incredible benefits for the skin and your overall health! Pumpkins are packed with nutrients and vitamins that do wonders for your skin and their texture makes them perfect for DIY face masks. If you’re looking for the perfect Fall DIY face mask then look no further! At Brillance New York we believe in putting only the best ingredients on your face and we’ve put together the perfect DIY pumpkin face mask to get you in the Autumn spirit!

What Benefits Do Pumpkins Have For Your Skin?

Pumpkins offer a ton of benefits for your skin that you can take advantage of this Fall by using it as the base for an all-natural facemask. A DIY pumpkin face mask can brighten and smoothen your skin, prevent the signs of aging, and can even help heal your skin.
Pumpkins contain fruit enzymes and alpha hydroxy acids which are known to increases cell turnover. This is great for brightening and smoothing skin. Pumpkins also contain antioxidants, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C which help produce collagen.
As if that isn’t enough to get you to start using more pumpkins in your skincare routine, pumpkin seeds are a great source of nutrients too! Pumpkin seeds are high in zinc which are great for oily skin. Zinc has anti-inflammatory properties and helps clear acne-causing bacteria from your skin and reduces oil production. That means that pumpkin seeds are incredible for treating acne! Pumpkin seeds are also high in fatty acids and Vitamin E, which also helps regulate sebum oil.

What Else Is Good For Your Skin?

This DIY pumpkin face mask doesn’t just have pumpkin and pumpkin seeds, it also has egg and honey that not only help bind the face mask, they also have amazing benefits for skincare! Eggs are great for deep cleansing and adding protein for your skin. Eggs also help tighten and firm the skin.
Raw honey is also great for your skin. It helps balance the levels of bacteria on your skin which helps clear acne much in the same way that zinc does. Raw honey is also great for exfoliating your skin.

How to Make a DIY Pumpkin Face Mask

What You’ll Need:
¼ cup of pumpkin puree
1 egg (yolk and egg whites!)
2 teaspoons of raw honey
Making the DIY pumpkin face mask is actually incredibly easy. Simply mix the pumpkin puree, the egg, and the raw honey really well.
Once you have the right consistency, you can start your skincare routine. Wash your face before you apply the face mask. Once your face is clean, apply the DIY face mask for 20 minutes. When you’re all done just rinse it off!

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