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Easy Hair Styling Hacks Everyone Should Know

Easy Hair Styling Hacks Everyone Should Know
If you’re looking for stunning hairstyle hacks, then look no further than Brilliance New York. We’ve put together a list of our favorite hair styling hacks everyone should know. From pretreating your hair, to flat iron hacks and more, these are the ultimate tips to make sure that your hair is always on point no matter what your styles you’re going for.

1. Pretreat Your Hair With Argan Oil Before Styling

Styling your hair can require a lot of hair care products that can damage your hair. This is especially true if you plan on heat styling your hair without any heat protectant spray. In order to make sure that you have beautiful hair that is healthy and shines brilliantly, you want to make sure that you have properly washed and treated your hair.
Add a hair mask into your hair care/shower routine and nourish your hair with an Argan Oil hair treatment. This takes 5 minutes to do and it makes a huge difference in the way your hair will look!

2. Use a Hair Serum To Get Rid Of Flyaway Hair

If you struggle with little flyaway hairs that ruin your hair, you can easily get rid of them by applying a hair serum to your hair before brushing your hair down. Not only are hair serums the perfect way to keep your hair down with a natural hair care product that doesn’t leave your hair feeling greasy, but they also add plenty of nutrients to your hair that promotes hair growth and strengthen strands.

3. Braid Your Hair and Apply Heat for Brilliant Curls

If you want to have stunning beach waves and brilliant hair, then you want to try these easy hair styling hacks. First, take your flat iron and turn the heat up to about 365 degrees. This is the optimal heat for your hair styling tools. Apply heat protectant spray and start to section your hair off and braid it into sections.
Once your hair is braided, take those sections and run your flat iron over it. When you unbraid your hair after straightening it over the braids, your hair will have perfect beach waves every single time!

4. Use Argan Oil As A Deep Conditioner

Argan oil is an incredible hair product that brings a lot of natural benefits to your hear! These benefits are so incredible that they are used in shampoo, conditioners, and hair care products. When used as a deep conditioner, argan oil is incredible for fighting frizzy hair, renewing dull hair with antioxidants, and adding a layer of protection to your hair. It’s an absolute must-use-product for anyone who wants to nourish and condition their hair with an all-natural ingredient.

5. Quick and Easy Beach Waves

If you want to have the perfect beach waves in under 5 minutes all you have to do is take one hand and twirl your hair into a spiral. On the other hand, take your blow dryer and blow-dry your hair for about 5 minutes. When you release your hair you should have perfect beach waves!

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