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How a Keto Diet Affects Hair Health

How a Keto Diet Affects Hair Health
Are you familiar with the trendy new keto diet? Like many crashes and fad diets, the keto diet promises that by altering your diet to put your body into a state of ketosis, that you can lose weight and more importantly fat. While we aren’t nutritionists or dieticians here at Brilliance New York, we are hair care experts and we’re here to help you better understand how a keto diet affects hair health.

What Is Ketosis

Your body uses carbohydrates to fuel your body. When you eat a strict keto diet, you severely limit the number of carbohydrates that you consume so your body resorts to using fat as the primary fuel source. This process where your body starts consuming fat in place of carbs is known as ketosis. While this method has been used to burn through body fat, there are side effects that you should be aware of, especially those that can cause hair loss and malnutrition.

How Does Ketosis Affect Your Body and Hair

When your body goes through the process of ketosis as a result of maintaining a keto diet, you run the risk of being malnourished and vitamin deficient. When you start a keto diet, two things happen. The first is the shift in nutrient intake that we have discussed. The second is that you will cut back drastically on calories. As a result, your body will take in fewer calories and fewer nutrients.
This can cause your body to respond by spending less energy on important body functions like cell regeneration and heart, lung, and organ functions. This can directly affect your hair by making your hair dull, weak, and will ultimately cause hair loss.

Vitamins That Are Essential for Healthy Hair

As mentioned, a keto diet affects hair health by causing you to be deficient in vitamins that your hair needs to be healthy. These vitamins that your body need include:

  • Biotin

  • Vitamins C

  • Vitamins A

  • Vitamins D

  • Vitamins E

  • Protein

  • Iron

These are vitamins and nutrients that can be found in many of the foods like starchy vegetables and sugary vegetables that are avoided in a ket diet. Fortunately, these nutrients can be found in healthy foods that are good for you and good for your hair.

Foods That Prevent Hair Loss

A few healthy foods that are incredibly nutritious and good for your hair are those found in leafy greens, beta carotene packed fruits and vegetables, and natural fats like oils and avocados.
We recommend a healthy dose of foods that prevent hair loss like spinach, carrots, beets, argan oil, and oysters.
Not only are these foods great for your hair when consumed, but they also make for incredible ingredients hair care products. Using a fatty oil like argan oil or avocado oil on your hair is a brilliant way to fortify and strengthen your hair.

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