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Damaged Hair: Hair Care Mistakes That Damage Your Hair

Damaged Hair: Hair Care Mistakes That Damage Your Hair
When it comes to keeping your hair brilliant and healthy, there are a lot of things that you can do to positively impact your hair care routine from using the best hair care products that Brilliance New York has to offer. But did you know that for all of the good that you do for your hair care routine, there are some hair care mistakes that damage your hair at the same time? So let’s take a minute to look at these common hair care mistakes so that you can avoid them!

Too Much Tension When Hair Styling

One of the ways that you are unintentionally damaging your hair has to do with the way that you style it every day. If you’re one of those people who throw your hair into a tight ponytail every day (or throw your back into a dad hat every day for that matter) then you may be causing inadvertent damage to your hair. When you style your hair in such a way that causes your hair to be very tense, often to the point that there are indents in your hair, you can cause serious hair breakage. That could be the reason that you are losing clumps of hair each time that you wash your hair, brush it, or even just run your hands through it. Even the slightest bit of friction will cause your hair to come loose.

Brushing Your Hair When It’s Wet

Did you know that if you brush your hair incorrectly when it’s wet or even bruising from your roots down, it can cause friction, knots, and hair breakage? This constant breakage can make your hair look thin and frail over time. Eventually, you will end up with thinner hair from doing this.
Instead of brushing your hair while it is wet, you should carefully dry your hair before brushing. Proper hair brushing techniques often involve taking hair from the ends of your hair and brushing it section by section and then moving closer to the roots each time. This will prevent you from ripping knotted hair out in one swift stroke.

Using Too Much Heat and Not Enough Heat Protectant

Every time that you apply too much heat to your hair, you run the risk that you will fry and sizzle your locks until they are dull and brittle. This is a great way to damage your hair.
The best way to avoid this is to use hair tools (curling irons and flat irons) that offer precise temperature control as well as using a heat protectant spray every single time that you style your hair. If you have time to use a flat iron, you have 2 seconds to spray your hair!

You’re Not Hydrating Your Hair Enough

Having a long and complicated hair care regimen can be really off-putting, especially when you’re crunched for time as it is. Sure, you wash your hair in the shower and do your best not to fry it when you heat-style but are you skipping the hydration and conditioning process? What if we told you that giving your hair a deep-conditioning.
With the Essential Hydration Hair Mask and Conditioner, you can hydrate your hair and be well on your way to stronger, more brilliant hair in the time that it took you to read this blog. It’s that simple!

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