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How to Make Hair Look Thicker

How to Make Hair Look Thicker
Were you born with thin, fine hair? You might be wondering why you were cursed with such fine hair when others were born with naturally thick, voluminous hair! But don't worry, at Brilliance New York, we’ve compiled the best ways to make hair look thicker with some of the best products, hair tools, and tips and tricks available to the haircare community. Before you go out and try some outrageous hair treatment for thicker hair that may not even work, be sure to try these tips and tricks to unlock brilliantly thick hair without damaging your hair!

First Condition, Then Wash Your Hair

Has your hair washing routine been the same way for as long as you remember; lather, rinse, repeat, then conditioner? Well, this might be one reason that your hair always looks thin and flat!
The next time that you hop in the shower to wash your hair, try switching things up a bit and condition your hair before you apply shampoo. Yes, you read that correctly.
When you apply conditioner after you’ve washed your hair, the conditioner in your hair weighs down and flattens your hair, causing your already thin hair to be straightened and thinned out even more.
Try the Essential Hydration Shampoo with Argan oil

Use a Hair Mask Treatment to Strengthen Hair

Thin and frail hair is already very likely to tear and break when you brush and style your hair. This can cause your hair to appear even thinner, so you want to take preventative measures to ensure that your hair looks thicker. One of the best ways that you can make your hair look thicker is by treating it with a deep conditioning hair mask treatment that nourishes and strengthens hair strands. We recommend the Essential Hydration Hair Mask with Argan Oil to help nourish and hydrate your hair to provide strong hair.
Try the Essential Hydration Hair Mask with Argan oil

Brush While You Blow-Dry for More Volume

One way to style your hair to make it look thicker than it actually involves adding volume to your hair. In order to get more volume to make your hair appear thicker, take your hairbrush and your blowdryer and brush upward away from your roots while blowdrying.

Use Dry Shampoo for Texturing Your Hair

Dry shampoos are an incredible way to wash your hair after a day or two without washing your hair but they are also a great way to add texture and volume to your hair. Using a try shampoo every few days will help your hair look thicker, just keep in mind that you want to make sure that you are adding a nourishing hair serum so that keeps your hair looking shiny and brilliant at the same time.
Try the Perfect Finish Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Serum - a lightweight formula made with argan oil for providing brilliant shine.

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