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Hair Care Tips for Spring

Hair Care Tips for Spring
Now that we are transitioning from winter to spring, there are a few things to keep in mind when taking care of your hair. Finding a routine that works, especially when the seasons change, can take some time. The dryness from the winter months most likely took a toll on your hair, but those products used to combat dryness might not be needed for the Spring. Asses your hair type and texture to discover which products, tools, and treatments will be best. Below are some of the best hair care tips for spring from Brilliance New York to help you transition into the new season.

Find the Right Conditioner

No two conditioners are created equal. With all of the marketing out there, it might be hard to find the conditioner that is right for you. Instead of buying your next conditioner strictly by the pretty packaging, do your research and buy the product that is right for your hair type and texture. Conditioning your hair in the Spring is the best way to promote healthy hair before the summer.

Brush Your Hair Before Showering

This one might sound strange to do before a shower, but the best way to avoid tugging on your strands or detangling hair in the shower is to do it with a brush before you even get in. Be gentle with your hair and work from the bottom of the hair to the top. Slowly work your way up until your hair becomes nice and smooth. This technique helps reduce hair breakage when done correctly.

Take a Break From the Shampoo

It might sound gross to go a day or two without shampooing your hair, but trust the process. Co-washing, or conditioner only washing, is the best way to keep the natural oils in the hair. Too much shampooing can cause your hair to be too dry and break. Instead of shampoo, try washing with conditioner only.

Avoid Hot Showers

Ok, ok… we see you shaking your head. No one wants to take a cold shower. However, the hot shower you have been taking is stripping your hair of the natural oils needed to tame the hair. Moreover, it makes your hair brittle and porous. The cold water helps seal the pores of the hair strands and even helps colored treated hair stay shiny and vibrant. Start by switching the knob to “cold” at the end of your hot shower to seal the hairs pores and cuticles.

Before You Swim

The warmer months means lots of swimming and outdoor activities. Before getting into the pool, add some of your favorite conditioner to your beautiful locks. The chlorine from the pool not only leaves your skin dry, but it leaves your hair dry too. It can cause split ends and even strips the color from your hair. To avoid this, give your hair a nice coat of conditioner to maintain healthy hair.
Frizz-Free Products
If you find that your hair is on the frizzier side now that the weather is warming up, welcome to the club. Frizzy hair comes with humid weather and is more common than you might think. Look for products that promote frizz free hair with products that steer clear of alcohol and sulfates which dry out the hair.

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