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How to Straighten Curly Hair Fast

How to Straighten Curly Hair Fast
How to Straighten Curly Hair Fast
Curly hair is beautiful, but every now and then it’s ok to switch things up. Hair Straightening gives you that smooth, frizz-free look your curly hair might not be giving you. If you have naturally curly hair it might be a struggle finding the proper tools and styling products that help you straighten curly hair fast. If that's the case, try Brilliance New York's 2 in 1 curling irons and straighteners that will help you get the job done fast and right!
To maintain that healthy, curly hair it is important to follow a few steps before, during and after you straighten your hair. Straightening your hair is really simple. When done properly it can last you a few days and those natural curls will bounce back once you wash your hair again.

Step #1

Condition and wash your hair for tangle-free strands. You will want your style to last a few days so get a good wash in before you begin styling. When washing your hair, avoid the hot water. Ideally, try washing your hair with cold water. If that scares you out of straightening your hair, opt-in for some lukewarm water to do the trick. Instead of drying your hair with a towel post-shower, grab a clean t-shirt or microfiber cloth to gently dry the hair. A towel is too harsh on the hair and might be leaving your hair frizzy.

Step #2

Put leave-in conditioner in your hair after you have finished drying with your microfiber cloth or t-shirt. The leave-in conditioner further hydrates your hair and helps treat any damage and dullness.

Step #3

Apply a heat protectant to your damp hair to protect your hair from the heat. Heat protectant is important for any hair type whether you are straightening, curling, or blow-drying your hair. You can find great heat protectants online, at the drugstore, or even your local supermarket.

Step #4

To straighten your hair fast, you will want to blow dry it first with a brush of your choice. A round brush usually does the trick, but if you are comfortable with a flat brush then go with it. Section your hair off to ensure that every section of your hair is dry before going in with a straightener.

Step #5

Begin straightening your hair. Now that your hair has been properly washed, detangled, and dried, you can easily straighten your hair. Section off your hair and begin with the bottom half to straighten. Avoid cranking up the heat to the highest setting. A higher setting does not warrant faster straightening. Keep the setting low for straight hair while still maintaining your healthy locks.

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