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Hairstyle Tips: How to Style Short Hair

Hairstyle Tips: How to Style Short Hair
Having short hair can be incredibly freeing and chopping off serious inches of your hair can also help your hair grow in healthy and better than before! But finding the best way to style short hair does come with its fair share of challenges! For starters, you’re pretty limited to how you can tie it up or curl it without the use of extensions or wigs! At Brilliance New York, we’ve come up with a few tried and true hairstyle tips to help you style your short hair!

Use a Dry Shampoo to Style Your Look

Dry shampoo has been a staple in our hair care routine for a long time! While showers are great for getting your entire hair care routine done in one go, there are just times when you need to get your hair clean and oil-free in between showers and dry shampoo is perfect for that. But did you know that you can also use dry shampoo to help you style short hair? Applying just a little spray to your hair can help make sure that your hair stays styled all day long without the need for using a mousse or hair gel.

Style Beach Waves to Add Volume

Another way that you can styler short hair is by going for a tousled wavy look. Tousled beach waves are perfect for short hair because you don’t have to worry about being able to fully curl your hair. All you need to do is take some salt-water solution and sprits your hair before loosely wrapping your hair around your Brilliance New York clipless curling iron. You can find the ultimate guide for tousled beach waves on our blog here.

Bangs Are Your Friend

When it comes to short hair, the most common problem that you will face is finding a way to really define your look. One way that you can address this is by adding a signature feature to your hair in the form of bangs. Bangs can be intimidating to do but once you have them you’ll realize that it’s a really good looking hairstyle that is easy to rock with accessories, headbands, and they look great at a variety of short hair lengths. Don’t be afraid to push them to the side with headbands either for more versatility.

Hydrate Your Hair With Argan Oil to Prevent Frizzy Hair

Short hair is easy to wash and easy to maintain but it can be really easy to get messy, moppy, and frizzy hair if you aren’t careful. When that happens though, just add a drop of argan oil hair serum to your hair to help restore moisture and get your shiny, brilliant hair back! We recommend the Diamond Drops Hair Serum with argan oil.
There you go! Easy hairstyling tips to help you style short hair! For more tips and tricks, visit the BNY hair care blog.

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