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How to Get Salon Quality Hair at Home

How to Get Salon Quality Hair at Home
Do you wish that you could get salon quality hair at home without having to drop exorbitant amounts of money every few weeks paying for professional stylists? Well, fortunately for you, there are easy and affordable ways that you can get salon quality hair at home without breaking the bank with Brilliance New York. While going to the hairdresser every few weeks for big hair projects that require professional attention, like hair dye, is good, there are ways to get that luxurious hair in-between visits.

Don’t Wash Your Hair Every Single Day

It should be common knowledge by now, but you would be surprised to find out how many people make the mistake of washing their hair every day. While cleansing shampoos like the Essential Hydration Shampoo with Argan Oil from BNY has incredible benefits, you should really use it every other day in order to maintain the balance of sebum oil in your hair. If you strip your hair of oil every single day, eventually your sebum glands will be out of wack and start over-producing oil. This will leave you will greasy hair.
If your hair does get a little oily between washes, don’t be afraid to reach for that dry shampoo spray! Dry shampoo is perfect for keeping your hair clean in between washes.

Conceal Your Roots Between Salon Appointments

If you dye your hair and have a hair color that is different from your natural hair color (even if it’s just the shade) then it can become very obvious when your hair begins to grow. Hair can grow as much as ½ an inch every month. This will quickly leave your roots a different color than the rest of your hair.
To ensure that you maintain that salon quality look, touch up your roots until you can get back into the salon!

Use Hair Care Products Designed Strengthen and Add Moisture

When it comes to getting salon quality hair right from your home, nothing will go further for you than having brilliantly strong and moisturized hair! We recommend using a combination of hair care products that use enriched natural ingredients like Argan Oil. The Brilliant New York line of Essential Hydration Shampoo, Conditioner, and Hair Mask with Argan Oil is perfect hair care products for making sure that your hair always has that brilliant salon quality feel!

Use a Flat Iron When Curling

Finally, once your hair is beautifully prepped and washed, you can use hair styling techniques straight from the salon! While curling irons are designed to curl hair, using a flat iron to get salon quality hair, curls, and waves! To get the perfect waves, wrap your hair around the flat iron and twist the flat iron as you would a curling iron. Hold it for a few seconds and voila!

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