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50 Trendy Hairstyles for Women

50 Trendy Hairstyles for Women
Looking for the most iconic and trendy hairstyles for women? When it comes to styling your hair, there seem to be endless possibilities. From a short, chic bob to long wavy layers, there's a broad range to experiment with.
Whether you have short, medium or long hair, there's a hairstyle to suit it. While it might be tempting to stay within your comfort zone and keep what you’ve got, it's worth taking a chance and trying something new.
The only thing you'll regret is that you didn't do it sooner.
Let's take a look at trendy hairstyles for women from Brilliance New York that are setting the bar high for fashionable hair.

The Hottest Hairstyles for Women 20-30

If you're in your twenties, you need to know about these trendy hairstyles for women. Let's take a look at some beautiful short ‘dos that will complete your look.
· Softened Pixie: Grace Clarke of Allure refers to Miley Cyrus for this style. Hairstylist Chris McMillan advises keeping your hair long on top while shortening the sides and back slightly. He says to keep it messy with a product.
· Razored Lob: Clarke continues the short styles with the Razored Lob. Lob means long bob, so it allows you to have a sharp, chic look around the shoulders. It starts long at the front before graduating to short at the back.
· Short Waves: Marianne Mychaskiw of InStyle looks to Elizabeth Banks for our next ‘do. Short waves complement almost any face shape and allow you to style it in many different ways.
Let's look at some elegant medium length styles for your 20's.
· Mid-Length Layers with Heavy Bangs: Clarke of Allure channels Kate Upton with this look. She explains that the outer layers are left long, while the ones underneath are kept slightly shorter, giving volume.
· Sleek Strands: If you want to look like Gwyneth Paltrow, go for the stylish stranded look. Mychaskiw says you need straight, un-layered hair to achieve this look.
· Blunt Bangs: Complement medium length hair with a blunt fringe. Mychaskiw looks to Taylor Swift for this style. Keep your hair wavy and layered, offsetting this with blunt bangs across your forehead.
Go all the way with these long hairstyles for your 20's.
· Long and Layered: Clarke of Allure says that Jennifer Lawrence sets this trend. She notes that long, choppy layered hair adds a lot of volume. This is helpful if your hair is naturally thin.
· Long and Layer-Free: Clarke explains that getting rid of those layers if you have long hair will open up the front of the face, and it is suitable for almost any face shape. This style can lengthen the face's shape.
· Sophisticated Bangs: Mychaskiw advises breaking up long hair with a side-swept bang. This can soften the full look when you wear it either up or down.
· Long and Warm: Brighten up your face with warmer tones for longer hair. Mychaskiw recommends adding highlights to brown hair for a brighter look.

Great Looking Hairstyles for Women 30-40

You're in your 30's, and you've got kids. There's no reason why you can't stay hip and be the trendy Mom of the group.
Let's take a look at some short ‘dos to suit your 30's.
· The Shag: Julyne Derrick of Live About looks to The Shag for vogue. Shoulder length and mussy, this haircut is choppy and carefree.
· Shoulder-Length and Thick: Derrick says to keep this ‘do at the collar bone. Thickening it up will add volume and allow you to either mess it up or sleek it down.
· The Classic Bob: don't be afraid to go for a classic number. Derrick says that the classic bob is timeless, meaning you can get away with it in your 30's without looking outdated.
Let's dig into some medium length beauties for your 30's.
· Beach Waves: revive that summer hair you used to have with beachy waves. Derrick says that almost every woman in Hollywood has turned to this look sometime in their 30's.
· Chin and Shoulders: the perfect length that's right in the middle. Derrick says that this style is trending for women in their 30's.
· Soft Waves: Woman and Homes site soft waves as the antidote to aging skin. Soften your face with medium-length waves.
Go the distance with long hair in your 30's.
· Rock Chic Curls: channel your inner 20's with rock chic curls. This will add volume to long hair and give life to thin strands.
· Long and Blunt: mix things up with a bit of glam in your 30's. Adding a blunt, vogue fringe to your long locks is the perfect addition to hair with length. Woman and Home recommend a high pony to complete this look.
· Long Fringe: if you've got wavy hair, match the natural frizz with a long fringe that you can wear forward or sweep to the side.
· Finger Waves: take your 30's back to the 40's with glamorous and long finger waves. Perfect for a sophisticated night out or to just jazz up an outfit.

The Latest Trendy Hairstyles for Women 40-50

The kids are out, and you've got time on your hands. You can't remember the last time you treated yourself to a new hairstyle. Reinvent yourself with these age-defying styles.
Let's take a look at some short ‘dos to complete your look.
· Stacked Bob: Julie Seguss of Good Housekeeping points to Michelle Obama's stacked bob for inspiration. It's a look that's sassy, smart and great for professional women.
· Layered Bob: Seguss channels Diane Keaton for the layered bob. She says it is a look that is fresh and full of movement with bangs that frame the face.
· Modern Shag: Cut a bit off The Shag, and you've got the Modern Shag. Seguss says that Jane Fonda rocks this look with choppy layers from front to back framing your face.
Get sophisticated with medium hairstyles in your 40's.
· Centre Part: Seguss says keeping it youthful with a center part is key. Complement this parting with long layers, and you can recreate the curls of your youth.
· Side Bangs: Soften your face with side bangs. The Right Hairstyles says that this look makes your hair thicker up front, giving your face a revival.
· Bronde: there's a new trend in town, and it's called "Bronde." The Right Hairstyles defines this as a mixture of balayage and ombre. Combine these colors with medium-length curls, and you'll look ten years younger.
Go all the way with these long hairstyles in your 40's.
· Loose Waves: chop through those heavy locks with loose layers that give you a bit of bounce back. Seguss looks to Diane Lane for this look.
· Smooth Waves: Seguss refers to Padma Lakshmi's long locks for this style. She recommends curling hair one inch from the roots to accentuate your natural wave.
· Long and Lean: maybe you've got too much volume. The Right Hairstyles recommends chopping through your long hair to thin it out. This makes it a bit lighter and easier to tame.
· Deep Side Part: Shannon Mariano of Latest Hairstyles advises breaking up the heaviness of long hair with a deep side part.

Flattering Hairstyles for Women 50-60

Keep it elegant and classy in your 50's with these flattering and trendy hairstyles for women.
Let's take a look at the ultimate short ‘dos for your 50's.
· Short Layered: Jessica Mattern of Woman's Day sees Molly Ringwald as inspiration for this style. She says putting layers through a short bob will give it volume.
· Layered Lob: buck the trend with layers through your lob. Mattern says putting layers through your lob will make it easier to style.
· Short Curls: take it back to the roaring 20's with short, glossy curls. This will give you a carefree look and take years off your age.
Keep it medium-length with these go-to hairstyles for your 50's.
· Wispy Layers: take out the heaviness with wispy layers that chop it up. Mattern says this windswept look is pretty.
· Polished Crop: keep it short and sassy with a polished crop. Mattern explains this will frame your face beautifully.
· Straight Lob: take the layers and curls out, and you've got a straight lob. Perfect for sophistication and class.
Dare to go double the length with these long hairstyles for your 50's.
· Textured Layers: you can layer any length of hair, but texturing long hair will give you a youthful appearance.
· Delineated Layers: AOL admires Julianne Moore for making long hair look sexy. They say to ask for delineated layers from the collarbone down, finished with blunt ends.
· Feathered Layers: AOL says keeping it timeless with long layers coupled with a little feathering around the cheekbones completes this trend.
· Simple Style: Mattern means to keep it simple with a long chop that doesn't require much maintenance. You can even brighten it up with a bit of color.

Modern Hairstyles for Women 60-70

WOW! the crowd with the following trendy hairstyles for women that'll keep you radiating youth for years to come.
Let's look at how you can style your hair short in your 60's.
· Asymmetrical Pixie: go against the grain with an asymmetrical pixie cut. Hairstyle on Point explains this is the perfect hairstyle for busy ladies.
· Marcel Wave: Hairstyle on Point recommends taking you back to the 20's with the elegant marcel wave.
· Tousled Pixie: go super short and embrace the grey with a messy, short pixie cut. Hairstyle on Point looks to Judi Dench for this style.
· Round Bob: go for the classic rounded bob. Grow all the color out, embrace the grey, and let your round bob flatter your face.
Keep it mild and medium in your 60's with these looks.
· Lob with Full Bangs: Kaitlyn Yarborough of Southern Living seeks out Diane Keaton for this style. Frame your face youthfully with wispy bangs – it'll cover those wrinkles.
· Layered Mid-Length with Bangs: Yarborough says women with thick hair will appreciate keeping it mid-length with layers to break it up.
· Centre-Parted Bangs: stay young and hip with bangs that part in the middle. They will frame your face and give it a natural lift.
Let your hair down – all the way down. Embrace these full-length styles in your 60's.
· Shaggy Layers: it's like The Shag, just longer. Hairstyle on Point says that shaggy layers are essential to giving a youthful look to length.
· Long Highlights: if you're not ready to give up the color yet, put some highlights in to freshen up the length. Hairstyle on Point says this is an impeccable style.
· Full Textured Layers: Yarborough says this is the best way to embrace your natural curl. Keep it long and enjoy it, even at this stage.

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