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5 Healthy Ways to Improve Skin Texture

5 Healthy Ways to Improve Skin Texture
We all want smooth skin, right?
Skin can be all you think about when puberty hits. For the lucky few, it's smooth sailing right into adulthood. But for most of you, your skin wants to take you for a ride.
From bumps and zits to blemishes and acne, it's hard to catch a break from all the unpredictable things your skin can do.
Some days it's oily and then some days it's dry and requires twice the amount of moisturizing.
You might have gotten so desperate that you turned to medication for help. Don't worry anymore, Brilliance New York is here to help!
Let's take a look at five healthy ways you can improve skin texture.

Myths About Getting Smooth Skin

First, let's debunk a couple of skin care myths.
Your skin is valuable and with you for life, so you want to take care of it. Don't let marketing gimmicks get in the way of real, practical solutions.
It's easy to think that smooth skin equals no sun. However, as Dr. Mercola points out, the sun is good for your skin. Getting enough Vitamin D every day can assist your body in looking after your skin's pigmentation.
Dr. Mercola fights another myth: that all skin care products are safe.
There are thousands of ingredients used and found in these products, while only a small percentage has been tested for safety.
It's important to remember that whatever you apply to your skin gets absorbed into your body and bloodstream, so read the label carefully.

How to Improve Skin Texture with Food

How to Improve Skin Texture with Food
Everything in your body is connected. That's why you experience excessive oil on your face if you eat fast food.
Whitney Coy of She Knows reminds us of the timeless phrase “you are what you eat,” passed down from her mother. It turns out that she knew what she was talking about, so it's worth listening.
Marie Nadeau of Mind Body Green says that omega-3 fatty acids are essential for good skin. These are found in walnuts and fish. She explains that omega-3 fatty acids have anti-inflammatory properties that can help keep harmful things away from your skin cells.
Marie also mentions the benefits of green tea to achieve ultimate skin texture.
Green tea has been used for centuries and is known for its powerful anti-oxidants. These work hard to maintain optimum skin health and ensure that your skin is getting the hydration and restoration that it needs.

How to Get Smooth Skin with Vitamin C

How to Get Smooth Skin with Vitamin C
Now that you know the condition of your skin is connected to diet and what you put into your body, it's only natural to predict that concentrated amounts of vitamins and minerals will also be beneficial.
Most of you have experienced the healing powers of vitamin C in times of stress and sickness.
There's nothing quite like getting that surge of energy when your regular diet just isn't cutting it. The smoothness and texture of our skin are dependent on vitamins and minerals.
Ling Chan, a skin expert specialist, explains the importance of vitamin C on your skin. She focuses mainly on skin texture. Vitamin C has powerful antioxidants that fight to repair the skin and prevent further damage.
Additionally, vitamin C works as a restoration serum that reduces the appearance of skin pigmentation, scar tissues, and age spots.

Improve Skin Texture with Exfoliation

Improve Skin Texture with Exfoliation
There are numerous ways to improve the smoothness of your skin by looking after it from the inside out.
Starting with diet and naturally occurring vitamins will give you a significant boost towards healthier skin with a smoother texture.
The next step in looking after your skin is thinking about what is involved in your daily beauty routine.
There are some essential steps you can't miss when it comes to being consistent with your skincare.
Exfoliating is a natural process that can help rejuvenate your skin.

  • How it Works: Sarah Rutland of How Stuff Works explains that exfoliating is the process of removing any loose or dead skin cells from the surface, right above the epidermis.

This primarily helps with keeping pores clear. It ensures you're giving your skin a beautiful, deep clean every day that can promote suppleness and a smooth texture.

  • The Process: Lindsey Sanchez of Live Strong breaks down the exfoliating process. She discusses the importance of exfoliating with a soft brush – you don't want to damage any new skin.

Lindsey recommends exfoliating at least three times a week for smooth skin. However, if you have sensitive skin, it's best to skip a day here and there to prevent any irritation.

How to Improve Your Skin with Turmeric

How to Improve Your Skin with Turmeric
There are some secrets to smooth skin that lies between food and face. Knowing exactly what goes into your food can be the answer to achieving great looking skin.
You might only know turmeric as a spice used mainly in curries, which gives them that vibrant yellow color. It is relatively tasteless and quickly absorbed into the numerous other flavors it is served with.
There is so much more to turmeric than being a flavorsome spice.
Kris Gunnars of Healthline says that turmeric has been around for thousands of years and has many healing properties.
One main compound of turmeric is curcumin.
Curcumin is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Both of these properties have incredible benefits on the skin, reducing inflammation and detoxifying for a supple texture.

Why Sunblock is Important for Skin Texture

Why Sunblock is Important for Skin Texture
While it is important to remember that your skin needs a healthy, regular dose of vitamin D, it can be easy to overdo this.
The ozone layer isn't getting any thicker, and your skin isn't getting any less sensitive.
Achieving ultimate skin texture and smoothness is a balancing act. Getting the ratio of vitamins to preventative topical creams can be a tricky one.
Sunblock is just as crucial for skin texture as vitamin D is.
It's all about moderation.
Dana Oliver of HuffPost discusses the importance of being consistent with applying sunscreen.
While you may already know that wearing sunblock can prevent cancer, Dana further explains that it can also reduce the appearance of veins on your face and blotchiness.
She expands by saying that sunblock also helps to prevent wrinkles and keeps your skin supple for longer.
By reducing the amount of redness and unevenness in skin tone, it will be much easier to achieve a smooth skin texture.

Benefits of Having Smooth Skin

  • Having smooth skin has long been a sign of beauty, youthfulness, and health. It's highly sought after – so much so that there are thousands of products on the market for this specific purpose.

  • However, wanting smooth skin goes a little deeper than just your appearance.

  • When you are healthy on the inside, you radiate on the outside.

  • If you feel good about yourself and how you take care of your body, this will shine through your outermost layer.

  • Achieving the appearance of smooth skin is not only a confidence booster.

  • Improving your skin texture can improve your quality of life and make you feel like you really can go out on that date, after all.

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